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Scrap Metals Forklifts & Machinery

At Chestnut Recycling we buy all scrap metals and specialize in buying junk autos. We also buy auto cores including used batteries, catalytic converters, aluminum wheels and much more. 

We purchase loose, de-canned and whole auto catalysts in Michiana area and beyond. These sources are from junk car yards, scrap metal yards, scrap catalytic converter buyers, damaged auto car owners.

Wrecked or Crushed Cars
Wrecked or Crushed Cars

We buy junk autos, unwanted vehicles, including wrecked cars.

Junk Cars & Aluminum Wheels
Junk Cars & Aluminum Wheels

Sell your junk car at Chestnut Metal Recycling. We buy aluminum wheels and all other metal scrapts.

Catalytic Converters
Catalytic Converters

Bring your batch of scrap Converters, we take themm whole (un-canned)

Used Car Parts and Batteries
Used Car Parts and Batteries

Recycle any rechargeable, lithium, lithium ion car batteries. Save the environment.

Aluminum Wheels Recycle

We Pay Cash
for Junk Vehicles
Semi Trailers...

Do you have "beyond-repair" or damaged car in Michiana area that you would like to get rid of? Chestnut Recycling specializes in recycling all scrap metals. We want to buy your junk, salvage, and scrap. Get paid on the spot of pick up. 

Get Paid at the  Pick-Up Spot.

Tractors and Trailers

We buy
Rusty Cistern

These are waterproof receptacles for  holding water. If you need to get rid of yours, let us know. 

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We ensure lower carbon footprint and offer a resource for new material. A powerful economic activity.

Get maximum returns when you sell used catalytic converters at Chestnut Recycling by following this simple yet specific method:

We specialize in used and junk automobiles. The process is very easy; make contact and set up time, get paid at the spot of pick up

Work With Chestnut Recycling, a transparent assaying company who provides the fastes payments in Michiana area


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