Cash for junk cars is a booming industry. Junking your old vehicle can be the best way to make some extra cash, and it won't take up much of your time or efforts either!

Cash for Junk Cars

Scrap metals recycling has many benefits which include improving our environment by reducing waste in landfills as well as generating new employment opportunities within this field-especially when you consider all that comes out from these processes: castoffs (the parts we break), sludges(used oil)and other fluids – not just metal pieces alone.

The Process

When selling your car for cash, the offer you receive is dependant on current scrap metal prices. This can be difficult to determine based just off of year-make and model alone because there's no set price when collecting junk cars but we always make sure that our customers get top dollar in exchange their vehicle! If this sounds like something up your alley give us call at 574-276-7094 or  if interested  in getting a quote, fill out the form.