Frequently Asked Questions

What if I lost vehicle title?

Depending on what state the car was registered, please contact your local DMV for instructions on how to obtain a dublicate. We accept it.

Duplicate Title Application - Indiana

Duplicate Title Application - Michigan

Are there variations in prices of metals?

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How and when do you pay?

Payment is made at the spot of pick up. Large equipments like trucks, trailers e.t.c is guaranteed payment 7-10 days. 

What are some unacceptable materials?

  • Stolen Items
  • Materials banned by federal, state or local laws 
  • Mercury
  • Radioactive materials
  • Asbestos
  • Pressurized tanks

What are the types of metals accepted?

We only buy ferrous material on site. 

Do you offer pick-up and drop-off services?

Pick-up service for used or junk automobiles is at no charge.

Can I recycle appliances?

Chestnut Metal Recycling will recycle appliances that contain metal. This includes water heaters, refregirators washers and dryers.

What are your prices?

The value of your scraps is accurately determined once we have a sense of what type scrap metal you have. The value of metals worldwide changes often. Tell us what you have.

Do you have any restrictions?

Yes, items sold must be sold by the rightful owner. 

What are the other advantages besides environment protection?

  • Employment opportunities
  • Resource for new materials.
  • Economic empowerment.

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