We accept all vehicles, so you can save money and time by calling Chestnut Metal Recycling. Our cars for cash program will pay your car removal costs with our excellent customer service!

Junk Car Removal?

We've got a solution for all of your car removal needs. With our cars-for cash program, you can get rid of that old clunker and never worry about paying to have it disposed properly again! We take most makes & models - so stop searching out other companies who specialize in auto salvage auctions or trying recycling on your own; we'll pay good money just like any other customer would do if they needed assistance getting their vehicle(s) towed away safely (and quickly).

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Things to remove before junking your vehicle

Now that you’ve decided to junk your car, the first thing on our list is removing any documents from glove box. These include insurance cards and other personal items which may not be needed once it has reached its destination for destruction!
Now all those important papers are in order so there's nothing left but loose change (or coins) inside of one empty wallet -- good job saving these memories before sending off such a valuable piece o' hardware...